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2012 Mid-Fire Lishan Tie Guan Yin - 中火梨山鐵觀音

2012 Mid-Fire Lishan Tie Guan Yin - 中火梨山鐵觀音
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Harvest: 2012 Spring
Region: Lishan Tea Region 
Picking: Hand Picked
Elevation: ~1800 meters
Oxidation: Medium
Roast: Medium

  Tie Guan Yin, whether in Anxi or Muzha, is traditionally a low elevation tea. This Tie Guan Yin, however, is grown at over 1800 meters above sea level, a high mountain Tie Guan Yin or what the locals call 'Gao Tie' (literally, high iron). 

Brewing Recommendation: Use at least 2g of dry leaf per 30ml water, and always use off-boil to boiling water (95 degrees or higher) for every steep. Start with a flash rinse (a quick in-and-out steep to wash the dry leaves and warm up the brewing vessel); wait 1 to 2 mintues for the leaves to open up; start with a 30sec 1st infusion then brew to taste for subsequent infusions. We advise starting with these recommended parameters then experiment to find your own preferences.

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